Let’s Talk about Kombucha

September 28, 2018

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This isn’t going to be like so many of the other kombucha blogs and articles online right now. I won’t tell you that it cures cancer or gave me perfect skin for the first time in my entire life. It seems like everyone jumping on the kombucha trend over the last few years holds up it like a miracle or a cure-all.

But, let’s be honest. It’s tea.

What I will tell you is this – I absolutely love the stuff and it definitely does have a place in a healthy diet. Just maybe not to the extent that your favorite “super-food” blogger thinks it does.


What Is Kombucha, Anyway?

Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been around for centuries. Basically, black or green tea (typically black) is mixed with a lot of sugar, and then a culture of healthy bacteria and yeast is added to the brew. As the yeast digests the sugar, it emits CO2. After a while, you are left with a fizzy fermented tea that is full of healthy bacteria.



Any Truth to the Hype?


While many of the health claims about regular kombucha consumption are exaggerated or speculative, this tea definitely has some health benefits. I mean, even just the fact that it is tea makes it pretty great for you to begin with.

Without a doubt, kombucha is packed full of probiotic bacteria which is very similar to our own gut bacteria. I could write an entire other blog post about the importance of gut health. More and more studies are surfacing about the ways that gut health affects our immune system, digestion, and even our mental health!

As far as the many, many other health benefits that drinkers have attributed to kombucha, I’m not completely against buying into them. More conclusive studies need to be done, and I really suggest that people do their own research on anything marketed as some miracle cure-all. But, I’m also all about finding more natural health remedies and using the food (and drinks) we put into our bodies to help heal us.

And maybe it helps to buy into some of the hype. Let’s not forget the placebo effect!

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So, Why Drink Kombucha?

Honestly…it’s just really, really, good. Can’t we just enjoy things!?

There are so many delicious flavors on the shelves today, and I find the lightly carbonated drink to be far more refreshing than regular tea. Let’s not forget that – even if none of the health claims were true – kombucha is a much better option to reach for than the soda in the cooler next to it.


My Favorite Kombucha in Asheville

When I first moved here, I found a brand of kombucha I had never tried before. It was called Buchi, and it was delicious.

Buchi is a really cool company that was started by two moms right outside of Asheville. You can read their story here!

My favorite thing about this company is that they have a Buchi Bar at a delicious vegetarian and vegan restaurant downtown called Rosetta’s Kitchen. I went recently and got a Buchi flight, and wow their flavors are amazing. Also, that pentagram flight board was awesome. If you’re in the area that sells Buchi, I highly recommend trying Seed or Sovereign. They’re delicious and so refreshing.



That pretty much wraps it up for today. Do your own research, remember that the potential for these health claims could be incredible, and drink kombucha because it tastes awesome!




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