October 2018 New Moon Ritual

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The October New Moon happened on Tuesday, and – as someone who has just recently gotten into the habit of using that energy in my own manifestations and goal-setting practices – I’ve decided to start sharing my ritual experiences here on the blog.

During the New Moon, the energy is perfect for creating a sense of renewal and setting intentions for the month ahead. This is a time to be mindful in thinking about not only your goals, but also the kind of person you want to be. It is a time for introspection as well as a time to get excited about new beginnings and opportunities.

There is no right or wrong way to go about using this energy to your advantage, so have fun with it. If it all sounds a little “woo-woo” to you (it is, I know) keep in mind that stuff like this has just about as much energy and power as you decide to give it. Moon rituals are a fun way that I’ve found to organize my goal-setting and self-work, and they offer me a way to feel connected to something bigger than me while I do that.

You’ll find a ritual that works best for you, but today I wanted to share with you all what I did and how it works for me.


Cleansing My Space

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Processed with VSCO with a7 preset

With the New Moon, I like to imagine that the slate is completely wiped clean and ready for something brand new. I get into this head-space better when I know that I am in a clean environment and that I’ve let go of negative energy from the month before.

During the day, I did a huge cleaning of my living space in preparation for the things I had planned later in the night. I organized all of the areas of my room that don’t get dealt-with during normal cleanings, lit my favorite candles, and set up all of the things I would need later in the night at my table. This included my favorite crystals, my journal, my tarot deck, and sage.

Once it was finally time to get to my ritual for the night, I put on some calming meditation music and smudged my room with the sage. While doing this, I try to visualize the positive experiences I will have here in the month to come – the things I will create, the books I will read, the people who will laugh here with me. I let go of negative energy and try to be mindful the entire time I’m doing this.




Lately, I have gotten really into meditating. It puts me in an entirely new state of mind, so I knew that it was the perfect thing to do before I jumped into everything else.

Different techniques work for everyone. Some people really enjoy guided meditations, where someone talks you through visualizations, breathing, or body relaxation. While I like these in some situations (like before I go to sleep), I find that they are distracting when I really want to just clear my head and connect with my higher self. I prefer chanting meditations, which focus my thoughts and typically help me find my consciousness separate from my body.

My favorite to listen to right now is Kirtan Kriya.


Pulling a Card

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When I’m done meditating (whenever feels right – I don’t time myself), I like to pull a card from my tarot deck. I’m using the beautiful Linestrider deck by Siolo Thompson, which I plan on writing an entire post about later this month.

While I go into my moon ritual with a pretty good idea of what I want to focus on, I like to ask the cards for guidance, too. As I shuffle the deck, I ask, what should I be focusing on in the month ahead?

This month, I pulled the King of Pentacles. I’ve been pretty in-tune with my deck lately, so it wasn’t really a surprise that this card reflects so much of what I was going into the ritual thinking about in the first place. I’m really focusing on my career right now, so I smiled and took the card as a good omen.



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Next, it is time for my very favorite part of my moon ritual. I made some tea, curled up in a cozy spot, and started journaling.

First, I write down my feelings going into this night. Was there any negative energy I needed to let go of? Was I feeling hopeful and excited about the goals I was setting? This particular New Moon, I went into my ritual happy, calm, and optimistic. I did note that I was struggling with a little fear/self-doubt.

Next, I write about the card I pulled and how I interpreted it in relation to the month ahead or the manifestations/goals I already had in mind.

Then – the most important part of my New Moon ritual: I wrote out my intentions. The New Moon is a great time to set intentions, really feel yourself achieving and receiving them, and trusting that all of that energy is coming back to you. This month, I wrote about how I really wanted to focus on my career – which I’ve let slide a bit over the past several months. I also noted some more personal goals of mine.

I also wrote down the things I intend to let go of. For me, this was a lot of self-doubt.

I end my journaling by writing down who I want to be. It isn’t enough to know the things that you want to achieve, you also have to understand the person you can be to get there happily and healthily. Ask yourself what that person looks like and how close you are to being that person. Are you living your life in alignment with your desires?

Then, I closed my journal, finished my tea, and meditated again.


If any of you have different things that you do during your New Moon Ritual, I’d love to hear about them! Comment down below to share ideas, and maybe I’ll work them into my own practice next month.


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