Healing from January with the New Moon

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January was a particularly trying month, and not just for me. It seems as if everyone I talk to is having difficulty letting go of the things they intended to at the beginning of the year. Thankfully, the month is over and we have a new moon to take advantage of tonight.

The energy from the new moon is great for setting intentions, manifesting, cleansing, and setting ourselves up with a new beginning and a sense of hope for the month ahead of us. Tonight provides the perfect opportunity to take some time for ourselves and allow a more positive energy to take hold, whether the month behind us was difficult or not.

As I prepare for my own new moon ritual tonight, I thought that I would share some of what I’ll be doing. Let me first start by saying this – I know that this stuff isn’t for everybody, but I do recommend finding some sort of ritualistic practice that encourages self-reflection and goal-setting at least once a month. Working with the moon’s energy works for me and makes me feel like my own vibration is rising to meet something greater, but I am not trying to sell this idea to you as if it is magic.

That being said, let’s get into what I will be doing tonight to heal from January with the new moon.


Cleansing My Space, Myself, and My Spiritual Items

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The day of a new moon, I like to do a really deep cleaning of my space. I will organize the areas of my room I have been neglecting and spend a good amount of time getting rid of clutter. Getting rid of things I don’t need/use and having a tidy area to work and live really helps my mind relax, and it motivates me to be productive in other ways throughout the month.

Once my room is clean, I shower and get ready to smudge it with sage. This step is going to be especially important to me this month because I don’t want any of January’s energy and negativity lingering around. Even just over the past couple of days, I could feel the energy finally beginning to shift in a more positive direction. I intend to keep it that way for February.

I like putting on music that raises my vibration and helps me focus my energy as I do my smudging ritual. Lately, I’ve really enjoyed listening to singing bowls and other background meditation music. While using sage, make sure to open up windows and don’t miss the corners and hidden areas of the room like closets and underneath furniture!

After I’ve smudged my room and myself, I take an extra minute to cleanse my tarot deck and crystals, especially if I feel as though I may have projected my own negativity onto them the previous month.


Setting Clear Intentions

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Once everything is clean, organized, and smudged, I start the process of setting clear intentions for the upcoming month/moon cycle. I’ll typically make some tea, light my favorite incense, and find a comfortable area of my room to settle in with my journal.

Having goals is really important, and so is having an action plan to achieve those goals. So many people treat the law of attraction like it’s some sort of magic – making wishes to the universe and acting like everything is out of their hands from that moment on.

For me, however, making a plan of action is an important part of my intention setting. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I know exactly how something is going to manifest in my life. Sometimes it just means that I plan to work on myself and my life in a positive way that I know will make room for new opportunities.

Currently, my preferred way of setting intentions is scripting. Basically, I will write a journal entry as if I was writing it at the end of the month after already achieving all the goals I set for myself. This helps me visualize clearly and ask myself, what can I start doing in my own life – right now – to help this become a reality?

Then, I will start making a list of actionable steps I’d like to take in the month ahead to help me get closer to achieving my goals.


Meditation and/or Visualization

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After journaling, I like to meditate. Different ways of meditating work for different people, so do what feels best for you! Some people like to sit quietly and visualize their goals becoming reality, while others, like me, use their meditation time to feel connected to the moon’s energy, the universe, or others.

I always listen to Kirtan Kriya as I meditate, and I try to focus on gratitude. I feel thankful for the energy of the new moon and for the things I know will manifest in the month ahead.


Tarot Card Reading

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Relaxed and knowing exactly what I want to work on during the current moon cycle, I will do a tarot card reading. The type of spread I do depends on what specific questions I have and what type of intentions I have set.

Typically, I will do a past, present, and future three-card spread. This works well with most questions and intentions, and it allows me to reflect on things I may have been doing in the past that affected the goals I’m now trying to achieve in my future.

After the reading, I like to end my night with journaling about the cards and my interpretation and reflection on them. Sometimes I will meditate a second time to bring the ritual to a close.

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January was a long and difficult month for a lot of us, so let’s use tonight’s new moon to let go of the harder things we were working through and focus on a hopeful, experimental, and productive month ahead of us.

Do you have different things that you do during the new moon? Let me and each other know in the comments below – I love to incorporate new ideas into my spiritual practices!



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