My Mindful Morning Routine

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When I first sat down and scribbled out a list of things I’d like to commit to every morning, I was just doing it for myself. However, I know that the days that start off on the right foot are far more fulfilling, healthy, and productive than they would be otherwise. So, I thought it would be worth sharing my new mindful morning routine with all of you.

Committing to a routine in the morning gets my day off on the right foot and prevents me from either
1. rushing around trying to get things done with no plan of attack or organization
2. loafing around all morning until all of a sudden it’s the afternoon and I’m still in my sweat pants.

I’ve been trying to focus on mindfulness a lot in my own life recently, and I have found that practicing being mindful in the morning helps me stay present throughout the day and not let my own thoughts get the best of me. If I can be here – in this moment, this morning – then I can continue that through the rest of my day.

Let’s get right into it!


1. Teeth, Skin, and Hydration

The first thing I’ll do when I get out of bed is pour myself a big glass of water and head into the bathroom. When I prioritize hydrating myself early in the morning, it somehow cues my body to remember to drink water consistently throughout the day. And it’s done wonders for my skin!

Then, I’ll just brush my teeth and wash and moisturize my face. I’ve been making my own face scrub recently simply using coconut oil, sugar, and some essential oils. This seems to exfoliate my skin really well without drying it out, and it leaves my skin smooth and perfect for when I’m ready to throw on makeup later.

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2. Make the Bed and Tidy Up

Know this about me: I love a tidy environment, but I am in no way whatsoever a naturally tidy person. If I don’t make a point of tidying up a little at a time, then my room will be a mountain of clothes and a dresser stacked with cups within a week.

So, in the morning, I will run around the room and just put away anything left out the night before. This usually entails picking up clothes off the floor, running dishes down to the sink, and making our desks and side tables took pretty and organized again.

Then, I’ll make the bed. This may sound simple, but it makes a big difference for me. First of all, making the bed puts me in a productive head-space for the rest of the day. Secondly, it makes me far less likely to crawl back into bed an hour later instead of working at my desk. If you work from home like me, then you know how tempting that is.


3. Light Yoga Stretching

Yoga in the morning is great for two reasons. One, it just feels really damn good to get my body moving again after sleeping all night. And, two, it gives me time to be completely mindful of my thoughts and within my own body.

I am a complete beginner when it comes to yoga, so right now I’m just going to be doing a super simple routine I found on Pinterest. As I move through it, I’ll try to focus only on my breathing and my movements. I really get to be with myself, and that feels incredible. I’m not worrying about the day ahead of me or over-analyzing something that happened the day before. I’m just being.


4. Meditation and Manifesting

With my mind quieted from yoga, it’s a great time to jump right into a good meditation. I try to do 10 minutes of my favorite mantra meditation, Kirtan Kriya, but I’ll always commit to at least 5.

I enjoy choosing whatever crystals I think will be helpful and placing them near me as I meditate. Then, I focus on the mantra and close my eyes. I let the thoughts come and go without holding onto them. This is easier said than done, but it’s much easier after a mindful yoga session.

When I’m done, I’ll turn off the mantra meditation music and I stay right where I am to work on whatever I’m manifesting. This is a great time for it, as my mind is relaxed and I feel in touch with the universe and its vibration. This part looks different for me depending on the day. Sometimes, I stay in a meditative state and visualize whatever it is I’m working towards. Other days, I will repeat any import affirmations that I have set for myself.


5. Pull a Tarot Card

I know they’re not everybody’s cup of tea, but I love my tarot cards and find them really helpful. I won’t do a full reading every morning. Instead, I’ll pull a single card while asking what should I focus on or be aware of as I go through my day?

I have found that this gives me a good sense of direction and, at the very least, gives me something to be mindful of as I work through the day’s tasks.


6. Coffee and Journaling

Next, I’ll pour myself some coffee, curl up in the cozy corner of my room with a journal, and start writing. I try to be as authentic with myself as possible at this step, never forcing myself to write a specific thing. Sometimes it’s just a list of things I am feeling grateful for in the moment. Sometimes I work through my thoughts, write a poem, or even practice scripting if I’m trying to manifest something.

All that’s important to me is that I’m putting pen to paper and either expressing myself, processing my thoughts, or holding myself accountable for something.

This step is extra important to me as someone who works from home writing. I don’t want to begin my day writing for work; I want to first know that I am writing for myself. This helps me stay passionate about writing and not get so burnt-out when it comes to my job.


After all that, I’ll make breakfast, get dressed, put on some makeup, and sit down with my to-do list for the day. After going through a morning routine, I feel incredibly productive, clear-minded, and ready for whatever I have to get done.

What is your favorite part of your morning routine?


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