3 Fun & Simple Manifesting Techniques

Practicing different manifesting techniques can be a fun and playful way to feel more connected to your goals and your desires for your own life. Whether you’re someone who believes strongly in the Law of Attraction or someone who simply feels that visualizing motivates them towards achieving their own goals, I believe that these techniques can help the spiritual and the pragmatic alike feel more in touch with the life they are trying to create.

If you are new to manifesting and visualizing, then you may be wondering which techniques will work best for you. These three fun and simple manifesting techniques are the ones I played around with when I first became interested in the Law of Attraction, and I still use them on and off today. There is no one method that works best for a particular manifestation goal; instead, each person should do what feels the most fun for them and what they believe will bring them the best results. What helps you approach your desires from a place of excitement rather than a place of lack? What energizes you? Play around with different methods until something resonates with you. It’s supposed to be fun!

So, let’s finally get into three fun and simple manifesting techniques that are specifically great for beginners!


Create a Vision Board

This is a super common manifesting technique and one you’ve probably seen before – whether you are into the Law of Attraction or not. Vision boards provide a place to see all of your goals and desires in one place, allowing you to see images of these desires daily so that they remain fresh in your mind.

Making a vision board is easy. Grab some old magazines and cut out pictures that help you visualize your goals, then collage them onto a poster board. Fill the board with images and words that represent everything you’re working towards in the next month, year, five years, etc.

The point of a vision board is not to remain obsessive about your goals and desires; you can’t manifest from feelings of lack and desperation. Instead, the board is meant to help you focus on the happiness you’ll feel once these things do manifest in your life and serves as a daily reminder of what you’re working so hard to achieve.

Feel free to get creative with the way you make your own vision board. I’ve seen some people do it just with a Pinterest board in their phones, and I’ve seen others dedicate an entire wall in their bedroom to photographs that help them visualize whatever it is they’re currently manifesting. There is no right or wrong way to do it! The important part is being able to come back to these images and thinking positively around them. What is on your board will be yours, so don’t stop putting in the work for it.


The Two Cup Method

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

The Two Cup Method is a great option for people who enjoy doing a ritual of some sort during their manifesting practices. If you’ve heard about this method before, then you might have heard it described as a way to shift your reality. We can get more into that another day, but what it basically means is that you are jumping from a reality/dimension/frequency that you are currently in and into one that looks more like what you desire. 

All you need for this manifesting technique is two cups, some paper, a pen, and some drinkable water. Label one of the cups “my current reality,” and label the other cup “my desired reality.”

On a piece of paper, list all of the things about your current reality that are no longer serving you and you wish to do away with. These could be limiting beliefs, worries, negative relationships, anything! Place this paper underneath the “current reality” cup. Now, on a second piece of paper, write out what your new reality will look like. How will you feel? What will you achieve? What do you have and where are you? Place this paper underneath the “desired reality” cup.

Fill the “current reality” cup with water, and then sit and reflect on these two lists for a while. Be mindful of how happy and relieved you will feel letting go of your current reality and achieving the desired one.  Find a state of mind where you are completely ready to let go of the things that have been holding you back and receive the opportunities coming your way.

Now, slowly and deliberately pour the water from the “current reality” cup into the “desired reality” cup. Really feel the relief of letting these things go, and feel the fullness and happiness of stepping into your new reality. Take in the new list once more, really understanding that these things are on their way to you. Drink the water, rip up the old list, and hold onto the new list. Carry it around with you and be sure to remain in a state of mind where you are open to receiving and shifting the reality you have been living!



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As someone who loves writing in my journal, I have always found scripting to be a really fun and natural way of manifesting and visualizing my goals.

Scripting makes visualizing easy by forcing you to act as if your goals have already been achieved. All you have to do is sit down and write an entry in your journal as if you are writing it in the future, after you have already received whatever it is you want to manifest.

As you are writing, be sure to really put yourself in the state of mind you will be in once your manifestations become your reality. Write about how you feel. Focusing on feelings is a great way to raise your vibrations and tune into the right frequency for receiving.

Be as detailed as possible in this journal entry. What does your life look like? I’ve always had fun writing through an entire “day in the life” of the person I wish to become, because this is a great way for me to become mindful of the things required to get there.

After you’ve written your entry, let it go. Read through it occasionally to help yourself feel and visualize, but do not ever read it from a place of desperation or lack. Keep it light. Keep it fun.


Now, get out there and start seeing what manifesting and visualizing your goals can do for you!



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