How and Why I Use Tarot Cards

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I know, I know – tarot cards are not for everybody. They are, however, a huge part of my life that I am excited to talk more about. If you’re here more for the self-development stuff, then go ahead and ignore this post and read this one or this one instead.

If you are interested in tarot cards, then today I’d like to share with you how I use them in my own life and exactly why I love the practice so much.

As you come across people who use tarot cards, and even as you start experimenting with them yourself, you will notice that everybody uses them a little bit differently. People bring their own energy to the cards, use them for different purposes, abide by different “rules”, and interpret them in various ways.

Today, I am simply sharing my own tarot practice with you. I have been using tarot cards for about a year now, and in that time I have developed my own relationship with the deck I’m using and have become pretty intuitive with them during my readings. I just started doing what felt right, and I haven’t been lead astray so far! In fact, I am often amazed by how accurate my cards are and how much I am able to use their guidance in my day-to-day life.

So, let’s jump right into it.


Why I Use Tarot Cards

Before buying my own deck of tarot cards, I had only ever received one card reading. While the reading was a fun and positive experience, it left me with the idea that tarot cards were just for “fortune-tellers” – people who could look at the cards in front of them and apply them to super specific details about your life and your future. So, I didn’t give much thought to ever using them for myself.

Last summer, however, I started spending a good amount of time at this beautiful store in Asheville called Earth Magick. I’d visit frequently for new crystals, sage, candles, pendants, and books. If you’re ever in the area, check it out.

After a few visits, my eye had been caught by this absolutely gorgeous tarot card deck. It had been designed by the artist Siolo Thompson, and the images on the cards were dreamy and done in watercolor. Eventually, I felt so drawn to them that I took it as a sign I needed to buy them. The deck is called The Linestrider Tarot, and it’s the deck I’m still using today.

After a few months of becoming acquainted with the cards, reading through the card descriptions in the book, and doing readings for fun on myself, my family, and my friends, I finally fell into a routine with the cards that felt natural and authentic.

So, what is the reason I use tarot cards every day?

To sum it up simply, I’d say that I use my tarot cards to gain insight. They give me a deep and intuitive understanding of events happening in my life, people who are affecting me, my higher self, my past, my potential, and how I should process the day I have just lived through.

I strongly believe that my energy (or someone else’s if I’m doing a reading for them) enters the deck during a card reading. Then, just like everything else that manifests in my life as a result of the subconscious mind, the deck delivers exactly the card I need to see in that moment.

Using tarot cards to process through things, especially when I am vibrating at a high frequency and feeling in-tune with the energy around me, has definitely helped me make sense of complicated situations I may not have understood clearly otherwise. They give me a sense of clarity, and I am grateful for that. 


How I Use Tarot Cards

Every night when I meditate before bed, I will pull a single tarot card to help me process through the events of the day. As I shuffle the cards and focus my energy into the deck, I concentrate on these questions: What lesson do I need to take away from this day? What should I be mindful of when looking back on the events of this day? Is there anything today that I need to simply let go of? 

I quit shuffling whenever it feels right to do so, cut the deck, and flip over the top card. If I don’t know enough information about that card (there’s a lot to remember!), then I’ll look it up in The Linestrider Tarot book that came with the deck.

I will then typically journal briefly about the card I pulled and how I intuitively believe it applies to the events of the day. This has been extremely helpful to me, as the insight from the card helps me untangle my own thoughts, accept a hard truth about myself or my life that I may have been resisting, or find validation that I am on the right path with something. 

In some situations, like during my Moon Rituals or when I have a larger question I need some guidance with, I will choose to do an entire tarot card reading rather than pull a single card. This process is much more involved,

I will start by using sage to smudge both myself and the cards, ensuring that any energy that could affect the reading is brand new as I ask my question. I will then meditate to get into the right head-space, put out some crystals, and choose what type of reading I want to do.

There are a few different go-to spreads for me, so maybe I’ll write an entire post about them soon!



As always, thanks for reading! 



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